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Free meditation: “Encounter your deeper inner self – A guided dolphin meditation”

Corona – the chance for an adventurous inner journey!
Corona is discussed everywhere, and the topic polarizes the world. No matter what opinion you have and no matter if you are afraid or think you are invincible, now is the time to start your own expansion. The world is not only changing in the macrocosm, but also calls us to approach our own microcosm. If we want to experience more love, freedom, purity and clarity on the outside, it is imperative that we start on the inside and then bring this to the outside. Now that the world has come to a virtual standstill, all portals of self-expansion are open. You have received a cosmic invitation, so to speak, to raise yourself to a new level. Go into the lightness of the present moment, do not take yourself seriously, and just see what you encounter when you travel into your own center. We would like to support you in this process and therefore we are now giving away for free the short variation of our meditation “Encounter your deeper inner self – A guided dolphin meditation”.
Musik: Credits to Craig Young Music

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